Ethics Policy

Integrity, Professionalism, and Innovation are the backbone of our existence.

Integrity means a strong sense of commitment to openness, honesty, inclusiveness, and high standards in undertaking the leadership role.

Professionalism encompasses character, attitude, excellence, competency, and conduct.

Innovation implies doing things efficiently. It also implies change with purpose.

Ethics Policy in Action

The salient features of the Ethics Policy are:

Build TRUST in relationships.

  1. Let our clients [both internal and external] know, both the good things and bad, from us, before they hear it from others [provided we have knowledge and information about the event, decision, etc.]
  2. Let other team members know when to expect problems, ahead of time. Do not spring surprises
  3. Deliver on what is promised consistently. Don’t promise what you cannot deliver.
  4. Communicate clearly, precisely and the facts


  1. Do and say what you believe is the right thing to do or say
  2. Take pride in your work
  3. Be the best in your business and enable your team members to become the best
  4. Be open about your own shortcomings. Admit Failure and use it as a learning experience [remember – only well-wishers criticize. The rest of the world has no time for you]
  5. Be accountable and responsible for your actions
  6. Do not tolerate mediocrity


  1. Excel yourself. Set higher standards and excel those standards everyday [Compete against yourself]
  2. Identify new methods / processes that will make your job interesting and your time in the company rewarding
  3. Do not repeat mistakes
  4. Enjoy your job