Role Based Verification

Role Based Verification is a patented solution we offer to help you manage the following talent acquisition problems you face every day

  1. Resume Padding
  2. Interview Misjudgments
  3. Employer Verification [eliminate fake employers]
  4. Identity Verification [person taking interviews and joining company are both same]
  5. Identify people who take offers, without an interest to join your company
  6. Role, responsibility and achievement 360 degree verification [self assessment, manager, peer, sub-ordinate, clients & vendors]
  7. Personality Verification [Ethical / Legal / Managerial / Political / Performance / Individual]
  8. Web Verification [Social Media / Patents / Papers / Behaviour / Political / Legal]

A cost effective, comprehensive approach to handling most of talent acquisition risks you encounter.

The process includes 360 degree evaluation of the candidate from the perspective of role, responsibility, achievements and personality. The 360 degree evaluation includes discussion with the candidate and all other stakeholders who were an involved part of his project [managers, peers, sub-ordinates, vendors & customers]

The process has two patent applications - [Number 4406 / CHE / 2011 & 1450 / CHE / 2012]

What constitutes Role Based Verification?

Role Based Verification Benefits

Role Based Verification is designed to ensure a "win - win" situation for all stakeholders

Role Based Verification Impact

Some of the highlights of our experience with Role Based Verification so far

The process has matured due to constant feedback we receive from the candidates, HR managers, HR executives and Hiring Managers