Rezorce~Check Background Verification is our employee focused forensic service. We offer comprehensive Employee Background Verification process.


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What sets us apart is our approach to the whole process of verification. We practice a discrete delivery model to deliver on time. Our approach to verification, and our strong focus to create an impact, has enabled us to bring in many innovative concepts to verification process.

We have a dedicated R&D team that identifies new approaches that help us augment our process continuously. We have a strong information technology driven, backend services that helps us speed up delivery, reduce cost and ensure accuracy. This strong advantage helps us offer you our services at a fraction of what competition is charging and also commit on Service Level Agreements [SLA] with a penalty clause to boost.

We currently work with a large number of small and medium level organizations. We believe that no business is too small to ignore. We have the infrastructure and capability to scale rapidly. We are not too large to ignore you and not too small to be unable to deliver. That is where we stand currently.

Stage-Wise Core Competencies

Rezorce Delivery Commitments / SLA

The proof of the pudding is in eating.

We strongly believe that our sales commitment would only stand the test of truth if we put our money on the table.

We commit on the following Service Level Agreements [SLA] for every customer:

  1. Complete Background Verification report within 7 days, if the Local and Permanent address are the same
  2. Complete Background Verification report within 10 days, if the Local and Permanent address are different
  3. All verification will be backed by written proof
  4. Error free verification process

Penalty Clause

For such of those verification we are unable to finish in the above SLA, we offer to give a discount of 10%